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About Lancaster University Hockey Club

The official website of the Lancaster University Hockey club, one of the biggest and friendliest clubs on campus. We currently have three men's and three women's teams, each of which compete in the BUCS (British university and college sport) Wednesday leagues, as well as both of our 1st XI competing in the local Saturday leagues. We also boast an impressive development squad for those members who would like to play recreationally, as well as those members who wish to progress into the competitive teams. We also host socials every Wednesday at our sponsor club Glow rooms, as well as two formal dinners a year and frequent Saturday socials.



'My name is Jenny and I am the chairwoman of LUHC. For the past three years I have been a part of the club and it has honestly been one of the best decisions I made when coming to Lancaster. As chairwoman, along with the rest of the chair team, I am responsible for the running of the club as a whole, including handling the behind the scenes work with the Student's Union and making sure everything runs smoothly. Along with the exec, I am able to make sure that everyone feels happy and settles within the club and help everyone have the same fantastic experience I have been able to have!
For the 2020/21 year there are many things going on within the club. We have recently merged LUWHC and LUMHC to create one big hockey club, and so we will be working to ensure that everyone is able to have the same great time as in previous years. Also, we are having to respond to the coronavirus, although I am confident that we will be able to support our members and allow for the transition back into university life and hockey life much more enjoyable. My hope for this coming year is that we are able to work with our fantastic coaches off the back of the previous years hard work and secure our places in the tops of our league tables. Unfortunately, we conceded a few weeks' work last year and it cost our teams, however, I feel confident that through the hard work of our teams this coming year we may even secure promotion! I also hope that we are able to see our fantastic development squad, a more recent development but a massive source of pride in our club, grow and be able to introduce more people to this incredible sport.'

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